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«The Celebrity Griller – The Duel»

Second Season of «The celebrity griller». This time with a brand new concept: In a hot combat celebrities duel passionate grill freaks for the golden «Cervelat» sausage. Just knowing the name of the menu, the candidates need to give their best to create the winning dish. The famous jury – sausage king Hausi Leutenegger, star [...]

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Nivea Men Challenge

Airing as of July  5, 2013 on 7 Pro, “Nivea Men Challenge” is the new must see  action-packed TV-show developed by Mediafisch. Are you men enough for the challenge of your life? Well, then prove it. Swiss soccer star Yann Sommer is challenging you only once. This is your chance…

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“The Celibrity Griller” on Sat.1

“The celebrity griller” provide insight into the bedroom of the stars: Two barbecue chefs, Philippe Berthoud and Claudine Nyaguy, visit various Swiss celebrities (Amanda Ammann, Max Loong, The Oeschs, etc.) in their homes and cook together with them a delicious BBQ recipe . But it’s not just the three of them. Friends of the celebrity [...]

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